Legacy Bones

by Take Hand

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Francois Laubscher
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Francois Laubscher Such a rad melodic hardcore band. Great lyrics and great music. Favorite track: Reach Your Goals.
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"The theme throughout the EP captures a deep personal conviction to build a foundation in the community by living a life of compassion and sincerity by encouraging everyone that wants to listen to never give up on their dreams, to stand up for people that are oppressed and to always work on improving your own character. It is key to persevere when difficult times come our way. Keeping hope alive at all costs will teach us to stay positive and to grow as individuals. "Legacy Bones" refers to the impact that our lives will have on people once we are gone. It comes with big choices and decisions to be able to leave something of value behind that can stand through time, so make sure you're living a life that will be more than just a memory."
- JJ van Rooyen / vocals


released December 17, 2013

Engineered by Dean Bailey at Cloud Studios. Mixed and mastered by Richard Staub.



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Take Hand Cape Town, South Africa

Take Hand is a positive hardcore band from Cape Town, South Africa.

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Track Name: Take Heart
Compassion and unity / make the choice to live a life / that will leave a mark and change a heart / fight for friendship / fight for friends / fight for the hopeless man / lets face our fears / all we got to do is take hand and don't let go / don't let go
Track Name: Glory Graves
Dig it deep / liberating me / dig it deep / eternal memories / before the end / dig it deep / liberating me / dig it deep / changing history / I've been knocked down to the ground / rising up to leave my mark / legacy bones / there's more to life than just staying alive / every breath has possibility / there's more to life than just staying alive / every breath has responsibility / how will you remember me? / I've been knocked down to the ground / stand for peace / rising up to leave my mark / legacy bones / breathing
Track Name: Reach Your Goals
Do it by yourself / and get the job done / don't sit around and wait for everyone / reach your goals / and break a sweat / time is running out / full speed ahead / so lift your hands and get to work / DIY because no one else will
Track Name: Against The Grain
I've been here before and I'm never coming back / will I learn from my mistakes or get caught up in the trap? / the weight of this burden is bending my knee / but it will never destroy me / I've decided to run this race against the grain until I die / will I survive if the water keeps rising / will I surive if I lose my grip / will I surive if hope is all that I have left / will I survive if I'm feeding myself with regret / will I survive / live this life without fear it's all we have / take hold of peace with an open hand / defend the broken and the weak - feed the need / breathing is a luxury / I've decided to run this race against the grain until I die
Track Name: Make It Count
This is where it begins / the road has come to an end / press on and make new ground / screaming hope to all the crowds / lets make it count / running free and leaving a permanent mark / engrave it into our hearts / moving on a second chance a fresh start / stand up and don't look back at the past / together we'll make the change / together we'll make a way / to live in peace with our enemies / it's going to take more than just these simple words / to bring revival to these broken streets / we'll see the value of life if we start / taking care and feeding the people in need / we'll be beaten to our knees / fighting off opinions and blinding greed / but we will not easily surrender / to this selfish need - I'd rather bleed / lets make this count / stay true / till the end / never give up / hold nothing back / make it count