Flesh Wounds

by Take Hand

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"Fighting for what you believe in will come at a cost. There will be pain along the way. You will think hard and for some time about your actions and realize that the choices you make will have an impact on the people around you. You will face the greed of society and witness a new kind of slavery. There is no such thing as freedom of speech and true brotherly love will take strain. Breaking bad habits, addictions and attitudes will require some blood, sweat and tears but in the end every wound we receive will be worth it if we remember why we keep getting up."


released January 13, 2016

Recorded by Dean Bailey at Cloud Studios.
Mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden.

Thanks to everyone for everything always.



all rights reserved


Take Hand Cape Town, South Africa

Take Hand is a positive hardcore band from Cape Town, South Africa.

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Track Name: Blood Brothers
This is my ambition
Passion for the heart of a brother
A friend that will reach out
Even when I turn my back

Blood brothers forever true

Look into my eyes and tell me that you're willing to die
Standing firm on the bond between our bones
Burden bearers until the end
Sailors with a deathwish

Blood brothers forever true

Never leave a man behind
Even in the rising tide

I am your brother, I am your friend
Let's build this ship together
Blood sweat and tears
Through all these years
Track Name: Stronghold
Bending the iron bars
Leading pride to its grave
Steadfast in integrity
Flooding foundations with sincerity
Remove the root
Stronghold with no strength
Remove the root
Stronghold with no defence
Track Name: The Coastline Decision
I need the patience of the sea
Saving me from heavy breathing.
I want to stand the test of time
With these worn and calloused hands of mine

When the mountain crumbles down
Its going to push you to the edge
Stand back and take it like a man
Clench your fists and run for cover

Broken teeth and perverted speech never got me far

Will I sink or swim if I decide to wait it out
Drifting in the shallows
Choking on the choices

Be brave and face the waves
Stand strong, no regrets

Don't be afraid of making mistakes
Just take a deep breath
And jump down head first
You'll make it out alive
Track Name: Captive
How do I know that I am free?
Just because I'm not behind steel bars
or that I've made peace with my enemies?

Then why do I still feel bound up?

A piece of me feels trapped even with an endless ocean breathing in front of me

I haven't found freedom because everything around me has its time to live and has its time to die

So freedom seems to have its time with me too as I decay to my end

We will always have a master and no one can escape
Track Name: Slaves
We are not born to destroy
Taking for the sake to survive
Counterfeit souls looking for a home
Digging graves for a house of slaves

Cowards turn their backs on hope
I will not run away from this.
Every second we must persevere
Pushing forward has a true reward
Victory in consistency
Building bridges to take us home
Track Name: Soul Greed
Bite into my flesh and see what I'm worth
But I will refuse to become
Part of your world

You will pay for every cent that you kept away from humble hands

Crooked words and hours on repeat
You're a slave to your own empire so watch it crumble

Your spine is covered in slime
You've got soul greed

Take your money thief
Feed your need
Take your money thief
Feed your need
You're not the cure
You're the disease

Labour in vain, oppress the pain
As it all burns to the ground

You've got soul greed